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Electrical Fire In the Boro

Around 17:00 on October 2 Station 9 was dispatched for a possible structure fire in the 200 block of Riverside Dr.  With limited manpower signing on the air Chief 9 had the 2nd alarm units placed on stand by.

Engine, Rescue, and Tanker 9 all responded.  Engine 9 took the numbers while the Rescue stood by at the hydrant at the corner of Reynolds & Riverside.  Tanker 9 stood by on Riverside Dr near Jackson St.  Crews found an electrical panel box on fire in the basement.  The fire was extinguished with a dry chem fire extinguisher.  Crews checked the rest of the house with the thermal imaging cameras, and then ventilated the basement with a positive pressure ventilation fan.

PPL was contacted due to the damage of the box with the potential of live power still coming in.  Some homes in the area lost power due to the fire.  Units operated on scene for approx. one hour.

WLF Rig Returns
Saved from the potential demise in a scrap yard, the Ward La France that was originally owned by Factoryville Fire Company has returned!

Child spots fire, avoids disaster
4-14-15: Station 9 was dispatched for a structure fire, porch on fire on College Ave. Engine 9 arrived with Tanker 9 right behind to find a grill and propane tank on fire extending to the porch. The fire was quickly extinguished before it could extend to the rest of the porch and the house.

While crews cleaned up on scene the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Principal stopped by and advised us that a first grade student had spotted the fire and alerted his teacher to call 911.

Once the scene was clear Engine 9 went to the school and Assistant Chief Stanton met with the student. First grader Grady June was congratulated and thanked for his heroics. He was shown the fire engine and got his picture taken with the Assistant Chief.

 This goes to show that our yearly fire prevention training at the school works and works well. Showing the children how to recognize and what to do in emergency situations can be a major factor and it showed today. Again thank you Grady June, you did a fantastic job!

Project on Kickstarter.com
We have launched a project on Kickstarter.com! We are seeking to raise funds towards the new fire station. If you'd like to donate towards our project please follow the provided link, and click the green button to donate. We are forever grateful for any and all donations received!


Volunteers need!
Are you looking for a rewarding way to spend your time? Factoryville Fire Company is seeking new members. No experience required. We will provide you the training you need as a pace that fits your schedule.  Interested? Email us for more information!  Watch this video....Click here!

ISO Rating Improved
We have recently been notified by the Insurance Safety Office (ISO) that our PPC rating has gone up remarkably. The Factoryville Fire Co now has an ISO Class 5 rating for both Factoryville Borough and Clinton Twp. Our past ratings were Class 7 for the borough and Class 9 for the township. Our department and members along with community help have put a lot of time and effort for improving our rating!

Roof Operations Safety Platform
We took delivery of the Roof Operations Safety Platform we recently ordered. It's now in service on Engine 9 waiting to be utilized. We have found out we are the first department in the entire state of Pennsylvania to have purchased this product.

 If any department is interested we purchased this product from Practical Fire Equipment LLC.

Mobile home blaze goes two alarms
On January 12, 2014 at approx 20:00 Station 9 & Station 5 (Dalton) was dispatched for a reported structure fire next to Bells County Line Pub in Laplume Twp. Chief 9 arrived establishing command advising working fire in a mobile home and requested a second alarm. Engine 9 arrive right behind the Chief and it's crew stretched a 2 1/2" & 1 3/4" attack lines and went to work. 
Tanker 5 arrived and secured initial supply to the Engine and Tanker 9 was right behind further securing water. Rescue 9 hit the Hydrant in front of the gym at Keystone College to establish a fill site. 

Engine 9 crews took an aggressive interior attack holding the fire to the first 2/3 of the trailer and knocking the bulk of the fire down. 

Ladder 5 and Engine 4 arrived with Engine 4 splitting crews and assisting Ladder 5 with truck duties and Engine 9 with overhaul. Tanker 17-2 arrived and pumped its water off into Tanker 9, an Tanker 63 stood by as an on site reservoir. Rescue 2 had the R.I.T. duties. Engine 63 relieved Engine 9's crew and performed overhaul with the crew from Engine 4, and Engine 17-2 stood by on scene. 

Great work by all companies involved, and thank you for your assistance!

Units on Scene-
Engines- 9, 4, 63, 17-2
Tankers- 9, 5, 63, 17-2
Ladder 5
Rescues- 9, 2
Car 2
Ambulances- 9, 5-9, 4-9

Units standing by for cover up--  Engines- 12-2, HBE2,  Tanker 60

EMSC Recognition
Factoryville Fire Company Ambulance has recently received recognition as a Level I (Basic) Provider under the Pediatric Voluntary Recognition Program. Currently there are only 46 EMS agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to receive this recognition.

The Level I recognition requires our ambulance to be stocked with specialized pediatric equipment.  We are currently pursuing all four levels of this recognition before the end of 2014.  Each level upgrade requires pediatric goals to be met by our agency as well as each of our providers.

Rest in Peace Daniel "J.J." Lomax
Over the decades Daniel Lomax worked at numerous fire and police departments, but Fire Station #9 in Factoryville had a special place in his heart.


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