Factoryville Fire Company

Wyoming County, PA Fire Station 9

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Blast from
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We've added a photo link to some our apparatus from year's gone by. 
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Merry Christmas                                                                                       Factoryville Fire Company wishes everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We've officially moved!
Factoryville Fire Company has officially moved to our new station! Thanks to all who have helped us along the way to make this a reality! 

The "New" Rescue 9
Now in service!

Thanks for all your support of Station 9. This is just one of several accomplishments for 2017!

Factoryville Fire Co. 2018 Officers
Executive Officers
President - Martin Reynolds
Vice President - AJ Traettino
Secretary - Kathy Bommer
Treasurer - Beth Polovitch

Trustees - Tom Schofield

Kevin Howard
Dave Shaw
Line Officers
Chief 9 - Kevin Howard
Chief 9A - Brian Gow
Chief 9B - Ned Sherman
LT 9A - James Wasssell
LT 9B Kyle Stanton
FP 9 - Ron Wood Jr.

EMS 9  John Taylor
EMS 9A Emmy Beardlslee
EMS 9B Bill Fiorini
EMS 9C Tom Schofield
Relief Officers
President - John Taylor
Vice President - Brian Gow
Secretary - Kathy Bommer
Treasurer - Beth Polovitch

Fire Company Receives Grant                                          Factoryville Fire Company received an $8500 Community Grant from Williams Pipeline Atlantic Sunrise project for communication and alerting device upgrades.

Two cycles of Atlantic Sunrise grant awards are announced each year - spring and fall. This cycle’s grant dollars were dispersed in the following broad categories: emergency response ($169,500), education ($59,000) and recreation or community enhancement projects ($64,334) within the counties traversed by the project.

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