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We've added a photo link to some our apparatus from year's gone by. 
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Roof Operations Safety Platform
We took delivery of the Roof Operations Safety Platform we recently ordered. It's now in service on Engine 9 waiting to be utilized. We have found out we are the first department in the entire state of Pennsylvania to have purchased this product.

 If any department is interested we purchased this product from Practical Fire Equipment LLC.

Initial Work Started for New Firehall!
Phase 1 has started for the New Firehall. The trees are being cleared. Once driveway permit is issued we can get ready for leveling the land!

Brush fire keeps crew busy
March 27 - Around 12:00pm,  Utility 9 & Tanker 9 were requested to assist Dalton Fire Company ~ Station 5 on a large brush fire off of Northrup Hill Rd in Glenburn.  Upon arrival Utility 9 helped in fire suppression while Tanker 9 supplied water for Tanker 5. Units operated on scene for approx 90 mins.
Units on scene:  Utility 9,  Tankers- 9 & 5,  Squad 4 and Ambulance 9

9 on second alarm assignment in T'town

March  27 -
At 4:30 AM, Engine 9 was dispatched as part of a second alarm to assist Station 7 at 45 E Tioga St in Tunkhannock at The Prince Hotel for a working fire in the basement. Engine 9 arrived and entered the scene from SR 29 via the by-pass and laid 5" from Ladder 2 to the Hydrant.

The Engine crew staged per command as Station 7 crews had the bulk of the fire knocked down. Command later released Engine 9.

Brush fire assist to 63
March 17-  Just after 4pm, Engine, Tanker, Utility, and Ambulance 9 were requested to assist Station 63 for a Structure Fire/Brush Fire on Clarkson Rd.  All apparatus responded into the scene. Engine 9's crew assisted with extinguishing the fire an overhaul. The Tanker was used in the Tanker shuttle and the Ambulance handled Rehab.

Thank You

The Factoryville Fire Co. thanks each and every one who attended  or  helped in anyway  at the dinner in  honor Assistant Chief Russ Gow following his line of duty death.  

Mobile home blaze goes two alarms

On January 12, 2014 at approx 20:00 Station 9 & Station 5 (Dalton) was dispatched for a reported structure fire next to Bells County Line Pub in Laplume Twp. Chief 9 arrived establishing command advising working fire in a mobile home and requested a second alarm. Engine 9 arrive right behind the Chief and it's crew stretched a 2 1/2" & 1 3/4" attack lines and went to work. 
Tanker 5 arrived and secured initial supply to the Engine and Tanker 9 was right behind further securing water. Rescue 9 hit the Hydrant in front of the gym at Keystone College to establish a fill site. 

Engine 9 crews took an aggressive interior attack holding the fire to the first 2/3 of the trailer and knocking the bulk of the fire down. 

Ladder 5 and Engine 4 arrived with Engine 4 splitting crews and assisting Ladder 5 with truck duties and Engine 9 with overhaul. Tanker 17-2 arrived and pumped its water off into Tanker 9, an Tanker 63 stood by as an on site reservoir. Rescue 2 had the R.I.T. duties. Engine 63 relieved Engine 9's crew and performed overhaul with the crew from Engine 4, and Engine 17-2 stood by on scene. 

Great work by all companies involved, and thank you for your assistance!

Units on Scene-
Engines- 9, 4, 63, 17-2
Tankers- 9, 5, 63, 17-2
Ladder 5
Rescues- 9, 2
Car 2
Ambulances- 9, 5-9, 4-9

Units standing by for cover up--  Engines- 12-2, HBE2,  Tanker 60

Dinner to remember Russ

EMSC Recognition
Factoryville Fire Company Ambulance has recently received recognition as a Level I (Basic) Provider under the Pediatric Voluntary Recognition Program. Currently there are only 46 EMS agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to receive this recognition.

The Level I recognition requires our ambulance to be stocked with specialized pediatric equipment.  We are currently pursuing all four levels of this recognition before the end of 2014.  Each level upgrade requires pediatric goals to be met by our agency as well as each of our providers.

Fire Safety Lessons at Lackawanna Trail
On Wednesday,  October 9, 2013 members of the Dalton, Factoryville, and 
Fleetville Fire Companies visited the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center to 
present Fire Safety lessons to the students in grades Kindergarten through  grade six. 
Students learned topics such as Dialing 911 in an Emergency, Stop, Drop, and  Roll, along with the older kids taking a trip through the Scranton Fire Dept Fire Safety Smoke House. Students also got to meet and greet Sparky the Fire Dog and had the chance to tour Fire apparatus and an Ambulance. 
The participating departments would like to take the time to thanks all  members who came out and gave their time to this important and beneficial program and to thank the following for their assistance in coordinating the day and providing resources. Lackawanna Trail School District Elementary Principal Dr. Tania Stoker, The teachers and staff at LTEC, City of Scranton Fire Department, Meredith Hose Company, Childs, Mitchell McElwee for the morning coffee and donuts and the LTEC Parents Teachers Organization for lunch. 

Pin Job in Borough
On October 4 @ 12:42, Station 9, Ambulance 9, and CLS were dispatched for a 2 car MVC with injuries on SR's 6&11 near Keystone College. EMS 9 (K. Stanton) went enroute to the station requesting a patient count and status. EMT 9-32 (A. Taylor)  was on scene advising two adults and one child with head injuries to both adults. EMS 9 requested an ambulance from Station 1 and Ambulance 4-9.  FP 9-20 (D. Richmond) arrived on scene and updated all in coming units that the wreck would be at the entrance to Mathewson Terrace, and that there was confinement to the one vehicle. 

With the update EMS 9 requested Engine 5 into the scene. Rescue 9 arrived and it's crew stabilized the vehicle with confinement and put the hydraulic combi tool in service to remove the driver door. Engine 5 arrived, and controlled the hazards on both vehicles, and contained the fluids that were down.  Due to the location of the wreck near the highway Rescue 17 was requested to assist  with traffic control. The patient was extricated and transported to the hospital. The other patients were also transported to the hospital. 

Units on scene- Rescue 9, Engine 5, Rescue 17, Ambulances 9, 4-9, 1-8, CLS 3 & 9, Penn 2, PSP Tunkhannock

Rest in Peace Daniel "J.J." Lomax
Over the decades Daniel Lomax worked at numerous fire and police departments, but Fire Station #9 in Factoryville had a special place in his heart.
House fire in Factoryville
May 19-13 18:42 hrs  - Station 9 was dispatched to Highland Avenue for the reported structure fire.  Chief 9 arrived confirming the working fire. 

First arriving engine, Engine 9, advanced a 2" line through the front door knocking the bulk of the fire on division one. Ladder 5 cover the outside vent and division 2 truck duties.  Rescue 9 layed out it's entire bed of 5" and Engine 17-2 complete the layout establishing  the water supply on Riverside Drive.

Command requested Engine 7-1, Engine 4, Rehabs 12 and 59, Compressor 5 to the scene while Company 63  provided cover up for out of service companies. The fire was under controll in 20 minutes but companies operated with extensive overhaul.

While crew operated at the structure fire, Company 63 and EMA responded to a gas leak on Riverside Drive.    WNEP

Assist to Station 5, UTV's First Call
 On Tuesday May 17 at approx. 15:30, Station 9 was dispatched to assist Station 5 (Dalton) on a brush fire alongside the railroad tracks.  Utility, Tanker, and UTV 9 were requested into the scene, and were advised to access the scene from Vern's Agway off of SR 438 in Laplume Twp.  All three pieces of apparatus responded, and operated on scene.  While UTV 9 was operating as fire attack it was requested to transport a fireman to Ambulance 5-9 which was standing by at Vern's Agway for an evaluation related to the heat. Units operated on scene for approx. two hours, and no patients were transported to the hospital.

Units On Scene:
Brush: 5, 63
Utility: 9, 63
Tankers: 5, 9, 63
Ambulance 5-9
Engine 4 (Fill Site)

New rig at Station 9
On Thursday April 25 the Factoryville Fire Co. took delivery of their newest piece of apparatus, a 2013 Polaris Ranger 800 6x6.  On Monday April 29 the Kimtek slip in unit was delivered, and was installed into the UTV by Chief 9 & EMS 9.  The UTV just needs Fire & EMS equipment added to it, and training to be done by the members, and it will be ready to go into service. 
The purchase of this piece of apparatus was made possible by a grant through the PA Fire Commissioners Office.  The Fire & EMS divisions had applied together for this grant, and the Polaris Ranger, Kimtek slip in unit, and an Aluminum Trailer to haul the UTV were purchased with the grant. 
"UTV 9" will be used for brush fires, search & rescues, hauling injured patients out of areas not accessible by ambulance, and the list goes on. 
We would like to thank the all the members of the department for their hard work, and training to make it possible for being awarded grants such as this one! 

We would also like to thank the vehicle committee and spec'ing out such a great unit, and we would also like to thank the public for their constant support of the Factoryville Fire Company!

1-31-13 - 0215hrs  Engine 9 and Tanker 9 along with units from areas 12, 17, and Springville were requested to assist Station 7 (Triton) on a fully involved structure fire on Shadow Brook Dr.  Engine 9 and Tanker 9 responded simultaneously and were the next due apparatus in.  Engine 9 was assigned fire attack on Side D with the Tanker coming in behind for initial water. 
The 3" Akron Step Gun, 2 1/2" and 2" attack lines were pulled to combat the blaze. Engine 12-2 set up a fill site, and Tanker 9 jumped into the tanker shuttle. Crews knocked the fire down and got it under control.  Units operated on scene for 6 hours. 

Engines: 7, 9, 12-2
Tankers: 7-2, 9, 12, 17, Springville T3 
Ambulance 1-10

On January 30 around 2:00pm Station 7 & Station 1 (Tunkhannock) were dispatched for a reported kitchen fire on Shadowbrook Dr.
A second 911 caller called in and stated flames could be seen through the windows. Engine 7 went en route and immediately called for Tanker 9 into the scene.  Chief 1 (M. Henn) arrived on scene and confirmed a working structure fire. 
Chief 7 (R. Killian)  requested Engine 9, Engine 12-2, and Tanker 12 into the scene, and Tanker 2 to stand by at Station 7. Engine 9 went en route immediately.  Crews from Engine 7 & Tanker 7-2 got a good knock on the fire.  Chief 7 had Station 12 stand by at their station, Tanker 9 come into the scene, and Engine 9 set up a fill site by the old state police barracks just of SR 6. Crews got the fire knocked down, and checked for extension.  Units operated on scene for approx. one hour.

Engines: 7, 9
Tankers: 7-2, 9
Ambulances: 1-9, 1-10 

Volunteers need!
Are you looking for a rewarding way to spend your time? Factoryville Fire Company is seeking new members. No experience required. We will provide you the training you need as a pace that fits your schedule.  Interested? Email us for more information!  Watch this video....Click here!

Bitter cold, two fires keep crews busy
Just before 7 am on January 24, Station 9 was dispatched for a reported structure fire at Northern Pallet off of Creek Rd.  While en route to the station Chief 9A (R. Gow) could see the fire and requested all the tankers off of our 2nd and 3rd alarms.  Engine 9 went en route with Chief 9 as the officer requesting Engine 17-2, Engine 7-3, and Engine 63 also into the scene.  Engine 9 arrived with Tanker 9 right behind to secure initial water. 
Engine 9's crew took an aggressive attack on the fire with large attack lines, and an Akron Blitz Gun.  Dalton Tanker 5 laid 5" from Engine 9 down to Creek Rd. 
where Engine 17-2 picked up the lay and set up a dump site.  Engine 7-3 set up a fill site at the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center, and Engine 63 set up a fill site at the Intersection of SR 6 and Creek Rd.  Ladder 5 was requested into the scene for manpower, and possible use of the ladder pipe. 

The attack crews held the fire in check to the warehouse, saving a second warehouse that was approx. 20 feet away, and the thousands of pallets that surrounded the entire area. 

While wrapping up from the fire, Station 12 was dispatched for a working structure fire on Whites Ferry Rd. Ladder and Tanker 5 would be on the box.

With Tanker 5 on scene out of service at our fire due to frozen valves, Tanker 9 would respond in its place.  Ladder 5 and Tanker 9 responded from the Creek Rd fire, and operated for. 3 hours on the fire in Lake Winola. 

A great job was done by all involved, and we would like to thank our mutual aid for great support and assistance. 


Engines: 9, 7-3, 17-2, 63
Tankers: 9, 5, 7-2, 12, 17-2, 60, 63, 69, HB T3
Ladder 5
Ambulances: 1-10, 4-9

Station 28 (Justus) was on stand by while units operated on the fire. WNEP Report

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